About Us

Helping online sellers communicate better since 2001.

ReplyManager offers software solutions to help online sellers manage customer communications by providing easy to use, efficient tools that improve a sellers' ability to provide superior customer experiences.

As a company that derives it's customer base from businesses providing customer support, ReplyManager's philosophy has always been to lead by example. We believe it is our job to give the best customer support possible to all customers, regardless of what price point they are at. That is why we pride ourselves on making support available to all customers via phone, email and after-hours (for emergencies).

ReplyManager's software features are, and will remain, driven by customer need and feature requests. This has been our way since it's inception in 2001. We take customer feature requests very seriously, work hard to solve problems, and coordinate with industry leaders to develop a product that best fits the unique needs of online sellers and 3rd-party marketplace entrepreneurs.

In 2015, ReplyManager was acquired by XSellco Limited, a leading provider of cloud-based SaaS solutions for e-commerce.