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Data and Security


eBay Related

What will I see in eBay to know emails have been replied to?

When an email has been replied to through ReplyManager, you will see a purple arrow next to the original email in eBay. Please note, that on email messages that have multiple threads (or conversations), the purple arrow does not appear, but you can see that the email has been responded to by checking the Sent folder in eBay.

Are copies of the emails left on eBay or deleted?

There is a copy of the message left in eBay. If you would prefer to have messages deleted, mark the checkbox in the account setup in ReplyManager, "delete messages from server," which will then delete the messages from eBay as they are read by ReplyManager.

What is an eBay token and how do I activate or renew one?

An eBay token is a security feature that allows ReplyManager, as a third party vendor, to access your eBay account for a limited purpose such as reading your messages. A token is like a key just for your account so ReplyManager and eBay can send and receive your buyer messages.

Here's how to activate an existing eBay account or renew your token.

  • Go to Maintenance > Accounts. Select the eBay account for token renewal.
  • Next to Token, click Get eBay Token.
  • Follow directions on the screen for the activate or renew. Remember to click Continue to complete the process once brought back to the RM screen.

View Additional Details and Screenshots.

The system will begin reading email again on the next cycle of readings, bringing all email into ReplyManager from the last time it was able to successfully access the eBay messages.

Does the eBay token have an expiration date?

eBay tokens are set to expire every 18 months. You can identify your expiration date by viewing the specific account at Maintenance > Accounts. You DO NOT have to wait until the token expires to renew one. We recommend you do it ahead of time to avoid any interruption in service. If a token does expire, the system will be unable to read messages from eBay and a yellow warning will appear at top of your program.

How do I remove an eBay token?

You can remove eBay tokens at any time through your eBay account or by deleting the affected account in ReplyManager.

What if my eBay username and password changes or the account name changes?

If you have made any changes in your eBay account, simply update the information in Maintenance > Accounts and generate a new token.

Does ReplyManager work with the eBay Resolution Center?

Yes. The Resolution Center integration allows users to view and respond to existing eBay cases directly from the ReplyManager application. PLUS users can respond to cases using Standard Replies and assign Categories for improved organization — features only available with ReplyManager. All replies sent from ReplyManager will appear in the eBay interface.

Why do I see more emails in my eBay account than in ReplyManager?

Messages that have multiple correspondences will be linked together (or threaded) within ReplyManager. You will not see the purple arrow within eBay, but you can see that the email has been responded to by checking the Sent folder in eBay.

How long does it take for eBay to receive my response from ReplyManager?

You can check the delivery time on every email. If you "uncheck" Hide Sys Notes you can also see the date and time the message was sent to eBay.

Do eBay customers see the code that appears at the bottom of my emails?

Yes, all users see this code. It is an eBay integration link.

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Amazon Related

What will I see in Amazon to know emails have been replied to?

When ReplyManager responds to an email, Amazon knows that it was responded to and moves it from the "Messages in Queue" to "Messages Sent."

I don't answer emails on the weekend, but Amazon still expects emails to be answered within 24 hours. How do I handle this to keep my high ratings?

Creating an after hours and/or a weekend auto-responder is a great way to communicate with customers when your staff has gone home. The outgoing auto-responder gets sent to the first message in the conversation thread, but the message will show as "unread," so your staff knows to address them.

Learn how to Automatically Answer Weekend & After Hours Email

Does ReplyManager have a No Reply button for Amazon?

At this time, Amazon does not have a messaging API that allows us to communicate directly with their system, so we are unable to provide a No Reply button within ReplyManager. We are working with Amazon to try and address this. In the meantime, a quick work-around would be to create a short Standard Reply (e.g. Thank you for your business.) that would allow you to reply in bulk to emails that don't require a reply. Just go to the folder where the emails are showing, mark the checkbox next to the appropriate emails, select the Standard Reply from the drop-down and click Send and Close. Amazon will see it was replied to and move it to the Messages Sent area.

Where do I get the mail server information to set up my Amazon account?

Either your IT department or your web host will have the mail server information to set up any of your IMAP or POP accounts. For Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail or GoDaddy accounts, click here to view configuration details.

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Data and Security

How is data security ensured in ReplyManager?

We utilize Amazon Web Services as our infrastructure provider which maintains SAS70 TYPE II Audit compliant and ISO 27001 certified facilities. Our software infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Our products run on a dedicated network which is locked down with firewalls and carefully monitored. All data is written to multiple disks instantly, backed up daily, and stored in multiple secured locations.

Where are ReplyManager emails stored?

All emails are stored on our secure servers.

How often do you backup?

Database backups start at 04:10 a.m. UTC daily and last several minutes.

Is ReplyManager login secure?

Yes. Login security is assured via GeoTrust SSL. To verify, click on the GeoTrust logo at login. All ReplyManager accounts come pre-configured to require all users to login securely (e.g. "https" must be in the front of the ReplyManager account URL). Administrators do have the option to disable secure login, however, we highly suggest you keep it enabled.

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I just started a trial and I've already reached my quota. What happened?

Although ReplyManager Trial accounts have all the same functionality as active Customer accounts, Trial accounts come with a smaller amount of space which will be increased upon activation. If you feel you need more space in order to use the trial, please contact support for help.

Does ReplyManager work with Outlook or other email clients?

ReplyManager reads from IMAP or POP3 accounts (same as Outlook or other clients), so the system is meant to replace the use of Outlook and not work with it. For example, ReplyManager reads all UNREAD messages from eBay or other email accounts. If you use Outlook to read a message before ReplyManager has read it, ReplyManager will not pick it up because it's status is no longer UNREAD.

Does each user need their own password? How do I set up a user?

Yes. Each user in ReplyManager must have their own username and password. If more than one user is logged in with the same credentials, one will be bumped out.

To create a user, go to Maintenance > Users. Click on Add New User. Be sure to assign the level of access rights and assign folders they have access to (for view only and users). Only Administrators and Super Administrators can add a new user.

Users can login and change their password or signature by clicking on Options at the top.

What does the error message "Problem reading one or more accounts" mean?

This message is shown at the top of ReplyManager when the system is unable to read one of the POP/IMAP or eBay accounts for 1 hour or more. The most common reasons for this are either an expired eBay token, a username or password that has changed on your company email server or eBay account or an email provider such as Gmail or Hotmail is requiring 2-Step Verification. To trouble shoot, go to Maintenance > Accounts. The account that is not reading will show the Last Read time in red bold. For eBay accounts, click on the account to identify when the token expires. You'll have to renew tokens manually to get this reading again. For POP or IMAP accounts, check with your system administrator to be sure the username and password entered into ReplyManager is correct.

Once the issue has been corrected, it can take up to 10 minutes for the message to disappear (sometimes a bit longer if ReplyManager has to read a lot of messages).

To test, mark the checkbox next the account and click on Test Accounts (at the bottom of the list). You'll be looking for a message that says "Open Successful."

Data is NOT lost during this process — just in a holding pattern.

I'm getting quota warnings. What does that mean?

ReplyManager accounts are based on space requirements. Each account has a set limit. When an account has reached 90% utilization of the limit, a Quota Warning email is sent to Administrators and Super Administrators with instructions on how to clear up space. Once you reach 100%, ReplyManager will stop reading accounts.

Data is NOT lost during this process — just in a holding pattern until space is freed.

To Adjust:

  • Change Quota. Go to Setup > Sections. Click on the section that is exceeding its quota to edit (if you have multiple sections). Change the Quota number. NOTE: This quota combined with other sections CANNOT exceed total utilization (displayed at the top of the Sections list). To increase total space utilization for the entire account, go to Setup > Billing and update your service plan.
  • Purge Deleted Mail. Go to Maintenance > Recycle Bin. Click on Purge All (Delete Messages) button. You can also purge selected emails by browsing and manually purging them, pruning folders by selecting deletion criteria or by activating the automated purge. This will remove all of these messages from the system freeing up additional space within the section. These emails CANNOT be retrieved after being purged.
  • Create a Report. Go to Maintenance > Reports. Create the report for "Space Utilization by folder" and use the criteria ALL dates and ALL folders. This will give you the total space accumulated in each folder. With this information, click on the folder with the most space, sort the size column by largest to smallest to show the largest emails. Select and delete or if attachments are included, remove the attachment.
  • Clean Up Attachments. Go to Maintenance > Recycle Bin. Set your criteria and remove attachments from emails (in bulk) without deleting the actual email.

How many emails is 1GB?

The number of emails within 1GB varies greatly on the content of the email and the size of attached or imbedded files (such as images or documents). An average eBay size email (without images) is 5KB which would be approximately 100,000 emails for 1GB.

How do I remove attachments to save space?

Within the email, users are able to download the attachment and then remove it from the email by clicking on "Remove" next to Attachment Disposition (at the bottom of the email). The original email will remain as is, however, the attachment will show as text with "(removed)" at the end of the filename.

To remove attachments in bulk, go to Maintenance > Recycle. Click on the Clean up Attachments tab. Select the folder, select a status, and select the "older than" date. The system will tell you how many emails will be affected. WARNING: Once you delete attachments, these are deleted from the system permanently with no way to recover them.

Why can't I respond to an email? I don't see a "Respond" button at the top of the email I am reading.

There are two reasons this may be occurring. The most common reason is that a "From" email address is not configured in the folder your email is located in. This is required in order to send an email. The second reason is related to eBay sellers that are also receiving email as a buyer. If you create an eBay Account only and do not have a POP or IMAP configured, ReplyManager will receive email sent to you as a "buyer" and a "seller," but you will not be able to respond to emails sent to you as a "buyer."

Why does it say I have 20 unread emails on the folders screen, but I only see 2 in my inbox?

Not often, but sometimes the email count within ReplyManager needs to be reset. Go to Maintenance > Stats and click on the "Update Count" button.

How do I change the font size and type for all users?

A Super Administrator is the only user who can change the font size via Setup > Preferences. Type, color and size can be changed within any Reply box.

Am I able to block email addresses in ReplyManager to avoid spam?

No. However, you can set a rule to delete those emails or move them to another folder. You do not have to make a new rule for each spam email address, just add conditions for each one (e.g. From Equals xxxxx).

Does the address book automatically add customer emails?

This does not happen automatically in ReplyManager. When replying to or reading an email, you can click on the address book icon (next to the From address). The address book window will pop up partially completed. Continue to fill in the form and update.

When I generate a report, will it include deleted or closed emails?

Reports will not include deleted emails, but they will include closed emails

Why can't I reply to Etsy messages?

At this time, Etsy does not offer an API to access member to member Conversations (Convos). So although we can read your email account and receive the messages, we are unable to respond to the message (or convo). We've found several requests for this functionality in the Etsy developer forums dating back to 2011, so we're hoping it is only a matter of time before it is available.

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