Customer Feedback

We really, really love our customers.

An instrumental tool!

"ReplyManager has been instrumental in helping us deliver the best buyer experience possible."

- Manager - PayPal, Digital US eBay Storefront

We love you guys!

"You're always improving the product and we appreciate your understanding of these marketplaces, including Amazon's "need to respond" to every email policy. Lol. Thanks again.

- Toynk Toys - United States

Efficiently respond to customer inquiries.

"ReplyManager has allowed us to filter through over 1,000,000 emails to-date from all of our sales channels including eBay, Amazon, Sears, and multiple websites and email handles. With dozens of standard replies and configurations based on individual folders, our reps can quickly and accurately respond to customer inquiries based on their unique skill-sets. This has significantly reduced our average response-time, and in turn increased conversion rates."

- Equipatron - United States

ReplyManager is a gift of God.


"We manage over 40 stores on different marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Fnac, Priceminister, Rue du Commerce, Cdiscount etc. And we receive up to 200 emails / day. Previously we managed our email client with gmail and outlook because the others solutions we found was too expensive and no-one was compatible with ebay.

So... we tried ReplyManager on last november. To be frank, The first time I saw the back office, I was afraid by the number of options and settings. But the team support is great.

So my advice is : Choose RM if you receive over 50 emails a day. At this price is simply the best solution on the market.

- Sonuts - United Kingdom

We love ReplyManager!


"We love ReplyManager! So easy and economical, our staff is able to work in real-time side by side without crossing each other's paths. As the company owner, I'm able to dictate which emails each employee sees and handles so my new employees don't get things that they aren't qualified to manage. It is saving us so much time and creating faster response times for customers sending emails by several hours!

The customer support from ReplyManager has been out of this world for us as well, someone is always available to answer our questions!"
- Mirage Products - United Kingdom

Great Communication Tool!

"ReplyManager is Gizmotrader's go-to solution for our customer support needs. It brings together a top notch platform and fantastic customer service to create a unique and easy to use communication environment that we've easily integrated into our workflow."
- Gismo Trader - United States

Great Solution for Managing Customer Support

"We have been using ReplyManager for over 2 months and it has been great for dealing with all our eBay, Channel Advisor, Amazon, and email-based customer service issues. It's easy to use, set up, and support is very responsive."
- 1-800CarParts - United States

Great CS tool!!!

"We are an e-Commerce company and have just implemented ReplyManager to start handling some of the messages we get and have found this is a wonderful tool for prioritizing messages and tracking them. Once we have built up message history for about 60-90 days, we will be able to just message solely from ReplyManager and will save a tremendous amount of time."
- MH Union - United States

Just brilliant.

"Great system and great support. Any problems we had were dealt with faster than any other customer support. Not that their were many problems! We have messages coming in from 5 different channels and to have them all together is just great. Reply Manager are always looking to improve which is another plus."
- STAR55 - United States

We Can Deal With Customer Enquiries More Efficiently!

"We were previously using Microsoft Outlook to manage all inbound and outbound emails; however we found ourselves wasting valuable time with duplicate emails, searching etc., and the large volume of mail being handled in Outlook would slow it down considerably. Since we started using ReplyManager all of these issues have been addressed and we have been able to deal with customer enquiries more efficiently."
- Digibuys (digibuys_uk) - United Kingdom

This is The Best Tool I've Found for eBay, EVER!

"I had the challenge of getting about 40-60 emails a day and was wasting HUGE amounts of time sifting through eBay email messages, and then I found ReplyManager and it has made my eBay life 1000x better!! It threads my messages and cuts my time in half of getting back to people. I love the email templates as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any eBayer who handles more than 5-10 messages a day!!!"
- God's Helping Hand - United States

Improved Email Response Times

"ReplyManager is working very well and it has dramatically improved our email response time and efficiency. Many thanks."
- Niche Trading FZCO - Australia

Huge Time Saver!

"This is my second time using this product, and I STILL LOVE IT! We operate under numerous channels (eBay, Amazon, and multiple user names). Having to log in to all of them was a huge hassle, and communication got mixed up very easily. With ReplyManager we can set rules/conditions to sort the different emails, assign user groups based on the product line, filter out junk mail, and save time by employing standard responses. Well worth the money!! Thanks guys for the great support!!"
- Equipatron (formerly Frymark Lawn and Garden) - United States

Great Product - Highly Recommended

"ReplyManager has cut our email load by approximately 50%. We have been able to spend more time growing the business. Highly recommended."
- Online Performance Autos (onlineperformance) - Australia

ReplyManager Had Every Feature I Was Looking For

"I was using Microsoft Outlook to manage roughly 400 emails per day relating to eBay. This was a major task and I desperately needed a better system. I did plenty of research and unlike the others, ReplyManager had every feature I was looking for. It's an all in one solution that integrates very well with eBay. The tools inside ReplyManager took me from 400 emails per day to about 75. That's a big savings in manpower."
- Blair Technology Group (blairtg) - United States

Excellent Service & Support

"We have tried other programs similar to this one, and we are the most satisfied. Any time we had questions we would get a super quick response. We highly recommend using this email service."
- 47th Street Photo - United States

Simple To Use - Saves Us A Lot of Time!

"It's not the fanciest looking software in the world but it doesn't need to be. It's simple, very fast and saves us a lot of time compared to using the eBay messaging service. Worth every cent."
- UK Digital Cameras (uk-digital-camera) - United Kingdom

Saved Us Time and Helped Us Stay Organised

"ReplyManager has saved us time and has helped us stay very organised. 11 of our staff process around 25,000 emails a month from all our eBay accounts, Amazon accounts and also queries from our websites. It is one of the best software available. Their support is just fantastic, always happy to help if there are any issues, pretty much instantly within minutes."
- AIO Distribution (londonmagicstore) - United Kingdom

ReplyManager Works!

"We have been using ReplyManager for a few years now, and we enjoy the ease in which we can control and monitor our emails. We use ReplyManager for several accounts and find the tracking of older emails to be the biggest asset. The quick overview of each account enables us to quickly see which account needs the most attention. The standard replies are a huge help, along with the ability to store email addresses most frequently used."
- Simply Baby Furniture (simplybabyfurniture) - United States

Great for Companies With Multiple Email Addresses

"We have several eBay IDs and several webstores and manage all of the email through ReplyManager. We have been happy with the solution for the past few years. It makes it much easier to manage the volume of email and also allows us to have different standard replies, rules and users per email address. Support at RM is also very good and they have always jumped in to help if we ever had an issue. I definitely recommend ReplyManager."
- Jackrabbit Baby (jackrabbitbaby) - United States

This Titanium Powerseller loves ReplyManager!

"Great solution, multiple companies all running from one platform, emails get sorted automatically within each section...fully streamlined all emails... absolutely amazing system. Excellent support team, very hands on..."
- Outrageous Auctions (outrageousauctions) - United States

Great Service. Saves Time.

"We use to use Outlook for email but with the massive amount of email we receive, it was becoming impossible for one person to be able to answer all the email. With ReplyManager we can have multiple people answering email at the same time, from different computers. This has given us the ability to spread the task of replying to email evenly among different people. Also, the system tracking of messages helps reduce any confusion by linking all previous messages with the current one."
- TGM Skateboards (tgm_skateboards) - United States

Excellent Software We Could Not Live Without

"We moved to this solution in 2010 and have never looked back. 3000RPM sells CD and DVD media on eBay and has 99.7% good feedback. We are able to easily manage about 1,300 emails per month with 8 employees. We could not live without ReplyManager. Excellent software."
- 3000RPM (3000rpm*) - United Kingdom

A Multi-Function Solution!

"Emails and customer support started to become a nightmare as the business started growing. This solution groups it all for you. No more headache for us. What's also cool is that it assigns a unique ticket number to every single email that comes. What we do is use this number in our customer service and no longer have to make any notes on the transaction record, instead assign this number to the customer record and refer to ReplyManager for the follow-up."
- Viakeys - United Kingdom