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The Equipatron Team

Efficiently Respond to Customer Inquiries

"ReplyManager has allowed us to filter through over 1,000,000 emails to-date from all of our sales channels including eBay, Amazon, Sears, and multiple websites and email handles. With dozens of standard replies and configurations based on individual folders, our reps can quickly and accurately respond to customer inquiries based on their unique skill-sets. This has significantly reduced our average response-time, and in turn increased conversion rates. "

Advice to Online Sellers
"Running a successful eCommerce company doesn't need to be complicated. Provide a quality product that is accurately described and at a fair price, ship quickly, respond to inquiries in a timely fashion, and take care of problems when they arise. Many times the difference between making a sale or losing it is the content of a response and the quickness in which it is given."

About Equipatron
Equipatron is a leading online retailer of small engines, power equipment, hydraulics, electric motors and replacement parts for home, commercial and industrial use. Founded in 2009, Equipatron was recently named Inc 500 America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, ranking #101 in 2014. The exceptional growth can be attributed to offering their customers a large selection of name brand products at low prices, then providing them with the best customer service in the industry.

Email Volume: est. 50,000 monthly emails
Equipatron Users: 6
Selling On:

eBay Amazon Company Website

The Revant Team

Respond to Emails From a Central Location

"The key benefits for us when using ReplyManager include: The ability to route several support email addresses into one centralized location; The support of emails from multiple channels and sites (in addition to eBay/Amazon); The flexibility to answer messages from both companies while maintaining separate and automatic signatures (no more accidentally signing an email with the wrong company!)."

Advice to Online Sellers
"Respect your customers and listen to their individual concerns. Respond quickly, accurately, and completely. Answering customer inquiries in one simple, yet thorough exchange makes everyone happier. Anticipate customer follow up questions and include answers to these ahead of time. Pull as many stats as you can use for analysis to track the success of the former points."

About Revant Optics
Revant Optics offers the widest range of high-quality, aftermarket replacement lenses, lens styles, and color variations, to bring new life to your favorite frames. Revant lenses provide customization that's relevant to your desired activity, weather conditions and style choices, while providing enhanced protection from harmful UV light and debris.

Express yourself and experience the world in vivid, comfortable clarity through Revant lenses.

Email Volume: est. 10,000 monthly emails
Revant Users: 15+
Selling On:

eBay Amazon Company Website

Trevor Ginn, Hello Baby Ltd Amazon Seller

ReplyManager helped us improve our Amazon seller rating

"ReplyManager allows us to manage our eBay messages alongside our messages from our other sales channels. ReplyManager's auto response feature has helped us to improve our contact time rating on Amazon which has improved our seller rating."

Advice to Online Sellers
"We recently managed to improve our feedback by removing items which were causing us the most problems. For us, these were dropship products which we were not in control of the delivery process."

About Hello Baby Ltd
Hello Baby is an online retailer of baby and nursery products based in St Albans, UK. They sell on multiple eBay and Amazon sites as well as our own website. They have been going strong since 2008 and currently turn over about £1m/year.

Email Volume: est. 1600 monthly emails
ReplyManager Users: 2+
Selling On:

eBay Amazon Company Website

Dinky Cartridges

ReplyManager saves us time and money!

"Using ReplyManger reduces the amount of time our customer service team needs to answer the many emails we receive each day from eBay, Amazon, Play and our own website and all from the same interface. Using scripts [standard replies] speeds up our response time and we can now answer more emails with less staff than before."

Advice to Online Sellers
"Find your own niche and stick to it. Use online marketplaces as an advertising tool to attract customers to your own website."

About Dinky Cartridges
Dinky Cartridges is one of the UK's largest suppliers of Compatible & Genuine Ink Cartridges and Laser Toners. It only stocks the highest quality consumables which are all available from its UK-based warehouse. Dinky Cartridges was founded in 2007 and is the trading name of Impact Computers Ltd, with a large customer base consisting of Home, Business, Educational and Government Bodies.

Email Volume: 4,000 monthly emails
ReplyManager Users: 5
Selling On:

eBay Amazon Company Website

RM helped us get through the craziness of holiday shopping - it saved us so much time!

"This software has helped our company stay on top of email requests and provide even better customer service! We began by 'testing' it to see how much it would help. Low and behold, we're now convinced customers!"

"We have now consolidated 10 different email accounts and manage them so much more efficiently which in turn helps us manage our business growth and improve our customer service skills.

Thanks ReplyManager for helping us get organised and consequently, to help build our continued business growth!"

Advice to Online Sellers
Providing excellent customer service is the key to maintaining and building a successful business. When excellent customer service is provided, you not only allow for your reputation to be enhanced and communicated to others, but to also ensure repeat business. Empathy is essential!

About Groupe CDREM (ShaverWorld)
Groupe CDREM is a retailer in coffee machines, espresso machines, small kitchen appliances, personal care and grooming products (shavers, epilators, hairdryers, flat irons) as well as small household appliances (steam irons, regular irons, etc). They have over 500 listings on eBay and ShaverWorld sites.

Email Volume: 400 monthly emails
ReplyManager Users: 5
Selling On:

eBay Company Website

eBay Seller Dario Lopez, Director of London Magic Store

Saved Us Time and Helped Us Stay Organised

"ReplyManager has saved us time and has helped us stay very organised. 11 of our staff process around 25,000 emails a month from all our eBay accounts, Amazon accounts and also queries from our websites. It is one of the best software available. Their support is just fantastic, always happy to help if there are any issues, pretty much instantly within minutes."

Advice to Online Sellers
"Know your industry inside out, be super focused and never get too comfortable."

About Londonmagicstore
Londonmagicstore is a company based in London promising to bring magical offers and the cheapest gadgets at the best prices to its customers. It is one of the leading retailers of mobile phone accessories in the world and works with all of the leading manufacturers and distributors to provide the best and latest products.

Email Volume: 25,000 monthly emails
ReplyManager Users: 11
Selling On:

eBay Amazon Company Website

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