Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

How does ReplyManager read eBay messages?

ReplyManager integrates directly with eBay's API which allows sellers to respond directly to buyers, reading messages from My Messages and the Resolution Center. All replies sent from ReplyManager will appear in the eBay interface.

Why use ReplyManager instead of logging into eBay directly? How is it different?

With ReplyManager...

  • Sellers no longer have to share their eBay ID with staff. Everyone has their own username and password.
  • The Resolution Center integration has a few extras such as customized standard reply templates and category tags for better organization.
  • ReplyManager can automatically sort messages and tag them based on specific criteria you define.
  • Send auto-responders to enhance customer communication.
  • Provides detailed reporting for productivity.
  • And it does support multiple-channels or the management of email from other sources.

How Does ReplyManager work with Amazon?

ReplyManager reads from POP3 or IMAP accounts and automatically organizes email based on specific rules. To organize Amazon emails, we've pre-configured ReplyManager to automatically route Amazon messages for Customer Inquiries and Amazon Notifications into separate folders.

Can I use ReplyManager with other channels like Rakuten, Alibaba or my own website?

Yes to all of the above and more. Because ReplyManager reads from POP or IMAP accounts, the system can pull in messages from almost any marketplace. Plus our Rules Management helps automatically organize email into specific folders based on criteria such as an "Email Subject", "From" address or "To" address. It's super flexible.

Do you support Etsy?

Regretfully, ReplyManager is only able to receive messages from Etsy via your email account, but we are unable to reply to the message string. At this time, Etsy does not offer an API to access member to member Conversations (Convos). We've found several requests for this functionality in the Etsy developer forums dating back to 2011. However, it is not yet available.

At what point would you recommend a seller try ReplyManager?

Really, anytime you feel overwhelmed with email or have a staff answering your responses.

What is the difference between a free trial and an active customer account?

No difference at all in terms of functionality. At the end of your 14-day Free Trial, you will receive an email to sign up. Once payment information has been successfully processed, your account will be automatically upgraded, giving you additional space based on the service plan selected. All of your data and settings from your trial account will remain intact.

How do you bill and receive payment?

We accept most major credit cards and payment through PayPal. Your account will be billed each month at the beginning of the billing cycle and an invoice will be emailed. ReplyManager is not a EU provider and we do not have VAT registration. As such, VAT will not be applied to any ReplyManager payment. Your business should self-assess the VAT liability associated with the RepyManager service purchase in your VAT return.

What does free account setup entail?

We want you up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible, so we'll gladly walk you through how to set up your first 5 accounts, including any associated folders and rules to get the messages flowing.

Do you really provide 24/7 support?

Yes. You'll always get a live person answering the phone during normal business hours, 4am to 5pm ET (GMT-5). Our service rarely experiences down-time, but you should feel confident that your questions or concerns will always be addressed as quickly as possible.

How safe is the data in ReplyManager?

ReplyManager users can login securely via GeoTrust certificates. We utilize Amazon Web Services as our infrastructure provider which maintains SAS70 TYPE II Audit compliant and ISO 27001 certified facilities. Our software infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Our products run on a dedicated network which is locked down with firewalls and carefully monitored. All data is written to multiple disks instantly, backed up daily, and stored in multiple secured locations.

Does ReplyManager support multiple languages?

Yes. Currently, the ReplyManager interface is available in English, Spanish and French and has universal character support. Spell check is available in English, British English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch. For additional language support, users may elect to implement browser plug-ins (such as Chrome Google Translate) to help translate incoming email.